Sunday, April 17, 2011

piece off lols~

Went to PC fair with my sisters . Actually we want to watch movie . 
But we choose to go PC fair .  (:  How awesome 
I brought iPod, green in colour my headphone which cost two for rm80 and my handfree . 
LOLS , purple in colour my handfree . And i spend all my money in one day . 
sad case , :(  And my sister brought a iphone thingy . That thing can connect to iphone a
and listen to radio and many more . Only for iphone .   
And it cost 400 something . Cheap .  :)
Last day pc fair :)      


I ate two bars of chocolate . Breakfast and lunch . Nothing to eat .  :( 


Update more later . Heaven bath .   

Saturday, April 16, 2011


i Don't know why . you don't let me go then say la . Why must you say all the stupid
and silly reasons to me .  " Last week you go already . "  Everytime also like that . 
Last week is last week .  This week is this week .  Is different okay ?
And now you said " you got money then go yourself la . You want go watch izzit ? 
Tomorrow call your dad bring you go . "    you suck , you know ? 
I know im evil , but i dun care . You really make go crazy . 
You dont let i go then you can straight away tell me . You don't have to give all the silly reasons .
And i also dun know why , when it comes with Justin Bieber's thingy . That i sure cannot go . 
How stupid is you and you .   You know ? 
 That why i call you annoying .   :(   



Time to update my one hundred and sixty-three post , i just change my blog
background .  And delete the time , the memo thingy and my facebook thingy too:/
lols , look normal back . Simple and okay :) i like it .   

Anyway , my mum and dad don't let me go / ts .   IM not in a very good mood
today .  Cause they let me go watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never !!   :( 
I wanna watch but she dont let . How awesome is my annoying mother and father . 
And my sister , man , this is the worst part ever .  I dunwan to talk about it . 
And all the facebook's human . man , stop asking me all the stupid and silly question
and find me for fun . Aiks , just FUCK OFF okay ?     Give me some space :/

I dun know why everyone is so annoying .  Included my MOTHER . 
Computer cannot play , early sleep , and cannot go out with friends . 
How fucking AWESOME is this..   I feel like killing someone now . 
And later dinner with the people i hate .  Not only hate , is very hate . 


Today is the worst day ever  . 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

time .

Time to update my blog now .  :)  All long time no update :/ 
Very LAZY !  Just like Bruno Mars- The lazy song .  Man , this 
song is AWESOME lol !  hahas , and today , is a awesome day too . 
In school , my friends and i , we eat in our school's hall . 
Hidden , behide the piano and three hidden behide the me .
Another one hidden behide teacher's table and one siting at the 
stair hidden .  LOL !  there's a big thing cover her face and body 
but not her legs .  lols , and you know what we eating ? 
Biscuit , and i eat hotdog with bread around it . 


Nothing special anyway , i mean at home .   Come back from tuition . 
Then watch tv , after that tweet as much as i could .  LOL  !


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For more , FOLLOW my twitter .  :D

long time .

Long time no update blog . Cause i got twitter so forget about my blog . 
You know why ? My twitter is like my blog . I love it . 
Anyhow , i dun care how many follow i got . That's not important . 
The important is you say out your feeling and let it go . 
Make yourself feel much more better .  :D 
I love it ! 

My school life is normal .  Nothing happen nowadays . Small fight sure got . 
But big fight like last year .  LOL !    is stupid . 

lols , im finding my pretty boy now . hahas~  


Friday, April 8, 2011

Phone (:

I got my new phone , :)   Xperia x10 .  But no sim card . LOL 
Anyway , today in school .  Nothing happen .  Just normal . 
But I eat Mc'D  hahahs~   Tomorrow got school . And tuition . 
Morning go tuition afternoon go school . Until 5:30 :D 


Nothing to write now .  Tomorrow is Saturday .